Patient Stress Recovery Handbook


Methyl CpG is a comprehensive formula that includes targeted amounts of five key nutrients designed to support methylation and homocysteine balance in the body.



The Stress Recovery Handbook is the patient’s guide to overcoming the mental and physical effects of stress. Outside of extreme mental stress, additional burden can be placed on the body’s stress response system, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA axis), by various lifestyle factors. These include consuming a highly refined and nutrient-depleted diet, high levels of inflammation in the body, or simply not getting enough sleep. The ARK Patient Handbook provides helpful information for reducing the impact on the body’s stress response system and maintaining balanced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The handbook also dedicates chapters to lifestyle, dietary and nutrient recommendations while addressing the four key stressors of the body – mental and emotional stress, blood sugar imbalances, insomnia and inflammation