Candi-Balance (Candibactin AR)



Support G.I. and Respiratory Health with Candi-Balance

If you’ve been experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort are upper respiratory distresses, this supplement may be able to bring you all-natural relief. Candi-Balance is formulated with concentrated essential oils and extracts from the mint family to provide support for optimal G.I. and upper respiratory health.

Product Details:

  • CandiB-Balance features red thyme and oregano essential oils
  • It promotes optimal intestinal and respiratory microbial balances, which support optimal mucosal tissue health, muscle relaxation, and healthy digestion
  • It provides support for healthy intestinal mucosa, which is a critical part of your immune system
  • Candi-Balance is designed to help harmonize your digestive and respiratory systems, which may be important for a strong, healthy immune system

The essential oils in this supplement are blended with extracts of lemon balm and sage, which deliver antioxidant properties, but also work to help stabilize the oils. They also provides optimal support for healthy digestion.

Candi-Balance comes in an easy-to-swallow softgel form that is meant to be taken three times daily for optimal benefit. It contains no artificial additives or gluten.

Make the right choice to enhance your digestive and respiratory systems the natural way. Give Candi-Balance a try today and see the difference it can make in your overall health!